Peak khorisari

Peak khorisari

3 day hiking route. Quite difficult. The total distance is 16 km


  • Height 3736 m

On the main Caucasus  ringe of volcano Mount Khevi , the head of the river Mtiuleti Aragvi. It is built of quaternary andesits and dacits. The shape of the cone is steep.

There are The glacier remains of the relief. Characterized by subalpine, alpine and subnivious landscape.

  1. First day   we will go to Tbilisi from Gudauri.  We will ascend to  the Cross Pass, where the hiking begins to the top. The first day is going to be  the most  difficult 8 kilometers where we  will have to go through  2 passes, at the altitude of 3000 m above sea level  and we will  camp  near the vicinitiy  of Khorisar.
  2. Second day –The next morning we  will prepare  to overtake the peak. The way and ascending process is quite difficult, it is necessary to walk for  5-6 hours. We  will climb to the top of the sea at 3736 m. From which the beautiful views and lake Yeliwadi  are visible . We will  stop at the top and return to the camping  place.
  3. Third Day – On the third day – we will  go to the village Kobi and  then back  to Tbilisi.