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4 day hiking route, Medium difficulty. The total distance is 25 km

Tobavarchkhili Lake is located in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, In Tsalenjikha municipality. 2650 m above sea level.

  1. First day – Departure from Tbilisi to the village of Mukhuri, And then transport by jeep or three bridges Car The first camp place 1900 m above sea level.
  2. Second day – go to  walking a camp place Tobavarchkhili small lake, Distance from 8-10 km. on the way we go to on pass 3000 m above sea level and we go down to the lake from the glacier.
  3. Third Day –  Go to the Great Lake of  Tobavarchkhili, 2650 m above sea level And back to the little lake at a distance of 6 km.
  4. Fourth day –early in the morning from a small lake, we  will  go to the village of Mukhuri.